The contacts section aims to pool all business contacts in one place, providing accessible details when necessary for marketing campaigns.

  • Create contacts inclusive of details such as their Name, Contact numbers, Email ID, DOB, Address, and specific tags.
  • Search contacts based on different criteria, including city and country.
  • Users can import and export their contacts to and from XLS and CSV format files.


Business users can track leads and inquiries through this subsection based on a specific time period.

  • Business owners can choose the relevant dates and status of inquiry New, In Discussion, Revisit, Cancelled, and Converted Lead.
  • The section helps in delivering owners insight into the new leads and enquiries, the point of discussion with the said lead, and more.
  • Business owners can check if they need to do a follow-up for a prospect later or even assess the cancellation of an irrelevant inquiry.
  • The subsection includes a preview of the inquiry, with options to explore settings to manage the same.

Users can list new enquiries with Name, email, contact number, Subject and a message to indicate their level of interest. They can also set up a follow-up time and date so that the system could remind them about the appointment in advance. These features are handy for sales professionals and marketers to manage the new enquiries, prospects, and leads in the marketing pipeline.