Company Profile

Define your profile, right here

Businesses can build a detailed page for “About Us” describing the company details, the inception, the milestones, vision, mission, and values, along with defining characteristics.


Products Services

Manage your offerings effectively

Companies can list a huge list of products and services in various styles, backgrounds, fonts, and images, doing justice to their offerings and present them in the best light for the intended audience.

Personalized Offers

Set up discount offers for one and all

Companies can create personalized offers for specific demographics and audiences through the help of tailored codes that could help buyers and service beneficiaries to get handy discounts.


Testimonials Ratings

Get the recognition your business deserves

Site owners can receive genuine testimonials and feedback from their site visitors through this section or rate their product or service. This section is extendable to the products section too.


Manage enquiries and get prompt feedback

This section can be leveraged by site owners for processing form-based inquiries and feedback about their company offerings on a prompt basis.



Showcase your snapshots of memories

The gallery allows site owners to present snapshots of milestone campaigns, events, functions, and ceremonies that highlight on the company ethos, background, and growth in contemporary times.


List your affiliates, branches, and offices here

The branches section can help companies list down all offices, sub-offices, and branches of their business across the country and the globe, right on the map.


Contact Us

Drop in a line or dine with us

This section allows businesses to mention the best approach of communication for their site visitors and prospects – email, phone, or drop-ins at the location address.

Office Timings

Know when we are open for business!

The timing section presents preferable times when a business will be open during the day or night.


Legal Details

Claims and disputes – we settle them all!

Companies can list down their legal details and documents in this section to showcase the standing of the company in the eyes of the law – registrations and legal claims.

Social Media

Claims and disputes – we settle them all!

Companies can list down their legal details and documents in this section to showcase the standing of the company in the eyes of the law – registrations and legal claims.


Content Share

Share Content through Social Media

DZee allows business owners to share their content across social media profiles directly without any hassle…

Custom Pages

Develop custom pages for specific offerings

Site owners can choose to create and develop custom pages suiting the intention and action of the business, based on the original template or a newly defined one.



Define and answer frequently asked questions here

Business owners can create frequently answered questions for their site to explain newbie visitors how they can purchase their product or service, and how the process works in totality.

Terms & Conditions

Define your terms and conditions of site usage

List down the terms and conditions of using the site for visitors with legal connotations and content adhering and ensuring maximum website security.


Privacy Policy

Set up terms on how your ensure visitor privacy

Companies can list down the privacy policy for the site users listing out privacy policy stipulations that safeguard user information from third party companies.


Display account information for ensuring quick payments

The payments section can help visitors to order products and services through the account details mentioned here or pay through UPI codes.


Visiting Card

Define and design visiting business cards

Site owners can create personalized visiting cards for their staff based on their brand logo, brand style, and designations through the back-end portal with seamless yet secure accessibility.

Employee Visiting Card

Design and manage employee cards here

Business owners can design and define employee visiting cards through the back-end portal, with a pertinent layout and clear description of visiting cards for seamless yet secure accessibility.



Mention your activities and ventures here

Companies can list down the to-do activities on a routine basis based on company’s latest ventures and expansions.


Track, analyse, and monitor visitors

Site owners can view analytics information for their web pages, like audience visits, the duration of visits, and more. They can even integrate Google Analytics code here to assess advanced analytics information from the search engine giant.


Link Your own domain to access Dzee Website

Connect and expand your web identity

Link your site domain to the DZee website to showcase your identity and offerings in the best format possible, while sticking to your domain page itself.

SEO compatible website

Adhere to search engine optimization rules

Our websites facilitate quick and streamlined search engine optimization of all content pages, making them compatible with high audience reach and access across different places.



Customize your site in multiple ways

The newly designed websites are open to customization in terms of utility, appearance, aesthetics, structure, content, images, and even accessibility.