How It Works

DZee is a simplified website creation solution that aids business owners to develop their own digital identity online. This easy-to-use online website management tool helps you build a website for your brand, enter product details, and promote your offerings on varied social media channels, all without a hassle! What’s more, we provide the options to manage customer service efficiently, take prompt orders, and more.

Showcase your website through the easy-to-use website building module that hooks you up with your prospects and customers.

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1. Register your Business

Register your business with DZee to get started, entering business details – the type of business, the location, contact details, credentials, and more. Upload product images and testimonials that add to the credibility of your business through the website.

2. Update Inventory

Once you get started with your website layout and the content, you can start listing and updating the product or service inventory for your customers. DZee helps you connect with your customers on the DZee domain, allowing you be updated with your offerings.

How it work 2
How it work 3

3. Promote your Website

Once you are done building your website, you can share your website with your clients and pitch them with promotions on social media channels. You can even connect with varied customers through the portals that redirect them back to the website for CRM-based interactions, orders, and analytics.

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